The beginning

All beginnings are hard. What words to use? What message to send? Do I even need to send a message or is this just about me? I guess this is merely a little practice in writing and trying to put my thoughts on paper or better on screen. My thoughts made visible to those who happen to stumble on my site.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

So in the name of the great Mark Twain I start and see where this blog will bring me. I know I want to write about subjects that interest me and that need clarification for myself. I see the start of this blog as a way to sharpen my thoughts on subjects as strategy in business and games. This blog is my journey in learning and discovering.

But why RED INK? Red ink is a reference to the use of red numbers in financial reports. Red numbers is a sign that the business suffers a loss. A business in trouble. The red ink is also a reference to the red pencil that teachers use when correcting a students paper. In this blog I want to investigate strategic methods, famous historical figures and their strategic choices and always use my red ink in  an attempt to stay critical and skeptical. Management theory will be mixed with my love for literature, boardgames and history.

And now let’s get started…